Nutter Butter Ghosts

Dip the nutter butter cookies in melted almond bark and  place 2 mini chocolate
chips on for the eyes while still wet. These turn out into real cute ghosts.


Oreo Black Cats

Oreo cookies
Candy corn
Red licorice string
Black tinted frosting. 

Place the M&M's on the Oreo for the eyes use the frosting to glue them in
place. Place the candy corn on the top of the Oreo to resemble ears use
frosting to hold in place. Make a red licorice mouth and whiskers and attach
with frosting. You can use a chocolate chip or a brown or black M&M for the
nose and attach with frosting.



These pumpkins are made out of plastic clothes dryer hose. They turn out real

Supplies needed:
Dryer hose
Orange spray paint
Green felt
Fake fall leaves
Tacky Glue
Green spray paint
Cone shaped styrofoam
Small wiggly eyes
Small black pom pom
Green pipe cleaners

* Cut off section of dryer vent and make into a circle gluing the two ends
together. (So you have a nice size pumpkin)
* Spray paint the dryer vent orange (let dry)
* Spray paint the Styrofoam green for the stem (let dry)
* Curl the green pipe cleaner around your finger. Put a little glue on the pipe
cleaner and place on top in center hole of pumpkin. Place glue on Styrofoam
stem and press down into center on top of pumpkin.
* Cut two green leaves out of felt and place on top of pumpkin.
* Glue additional fake fall leaves to the bottom of the pumpkin (it then looks
like it's sitting in a pile of leaves.)
* Glue wiggly eyes to the black pom pom and glue on green leaf on top of

That's it! You now have a real neat looking centerpiece. With the ruffled dryer
vent it really looks like a pumpkin.


Ghost from juice can lid

Spray paint the lids white.  Provide the girls with hammers and nails,  and
have them punch four or five holes along the inside of the rim, trying to
space them out evenly, if possible.  Provide a rough piece of board
underneath for the nails to punch through.  Turn lid over and with the
hammer, gently tap the sharp edges down.  Safety first!  

Tear strips of white muslin or old bed sheets into strips and using a pen or 
screwdriver, push the end of the strip through from the front to the back.  
No need for glueing...the rough edges of the lid will catch into the material 
and it will stay quite nicely.  Punch another hole at the opposite end (top) 
and attach string or yarn for hanging.  Glue on huge googly eyes and you have a 
ghost!  You can also use markers or paint to create ghostie features on the face.


ghost pin 

take a cotton ball, put a safety pin thru the back,  glue 2 eyes on.
you have a simple pin.


spider pin

1 black pom pom ball, 1 smaller purple pompom ball.
( any color is fine, but this is the sizes and colors that we had.)
2 pipe cleaners cut to make small spider legs.  1 safety pin.
glue  the two pom pom balls together.
glue the eyes on the smaller pom pom
Hot glue gun ( leader does this ) the legs on the bottom of the larger pom
pom... Shove the saftey pin through the bottom and you have a cute little
spider pin.


Halloween Little People Ghosts

Materials needed:

one empty 2 ltr. bottle
two pieces of PVC pipe in 12 to 13 inch lengths
masking tape.
one 6" styrofoam ball
Pair of toddler shoes
Pair of toddler pants
Square of white fabric roughly 24" x 24"
Black felt for eyes
Small plastic pumpkin basket with handle

Holding the two liter bottle upside down, securely tape the PVC pipe to
form legs.  Wrap the tape around several times.  Pull the pants of the
legs and body securing with rubber bands at the "waist".  Hot glue the
inside of the shoes and insert the PVC pipe.  Hot glue the styrofoam
head to the flat side of the upside down bottle.  Hold in place until
glue dries.  The doll should be able to stand.  If not, adjust the tape.
Drape the square white cloth over the "head".  Cut eyes from black felt
and glue on.  Sew the plastic pumpkin basket to the front of the ghost.


Fake Hand

Take a plastic glove that would have been in the first aid kit. 
Fill it about 2/3 full or slightly less with bird seed and tie the wrist 
part with a couple of good knots. paint red finger nail on the glove and 
you have a fake hand ready to set on the edge of goodie plates or in candy 
boxes whatever to give a fright.


A dangling spider

With an adult's help, use a ballpoint pen to poke a hole in the bottom of a
film canister.  Thread yarn through the hole, and make a large knot at the
end inside the canister.
For legs, cut four 7-inch-by-1/2 inch strips of felt. Spread glue around
the inside edge of the canister lid. Place the legs on the lid (over the
glue) so that their centers overlap in the middle.  Squeeze glue around the
open edge of the canister, then push it hard into the lid.
Make eyes from paper (or use googly eyes), and glue them on. Hang your
spider by the yarn or make him dance along the floor.
If you've done this right, the film canister should be closed up, with the
lid at the bottom and the legs between the canister and the lid.


Yarn Pumpkin

You need a round balloon, orange thread and white glue to start.
Cover your work area with newspaper.  Inflate a ROUND balloon and tie it

Wind a large amount of orange yarn or heavyweight crochet thread around
your hand.  Squeeze white glue all over thread.  It should coat the thread.
In one hand, hold the thread end and the knot of the balloon.  With your
other (thread-covered) hand, wrap the thread around the balloon, unwinding
it from your hand as you go. If you need more yarn, repeat the steps.  The
effect should appear airy and open.

When done, set the balloon in a cup.  When the glue has dried, pop the
balloon. (Overnight or several hours)  An orange thread pumpkin will be

To make a stem, glue green paper onto an empty thread spool.  Glue the stem
on top of the pumpkin, pressing down  a little.  For vines, bend green
chenille sticks around threads on the pumpkin then wrap the ends around a

Cut facial features from felt.  Glue them on the pumpkin.

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Ellen Davis
Last Updated: 9/30/99