LDL Proteome Watch:
Current official count: 22 proteins*
Updated 2/18/2015
*defined as appearing in 2 separate reports from 2 independent laboratories
As with HDL, we are beginning to realize that LDL also contains a complex proteome. Unbiased proteomic studies are showing that LDL contains numerous proteins and lipids that may segregate into distinct subclasses which may have differing impacts on disease. As a result of differences in instruments, sensitivity, LDL isolation technique, patient donors etc., the total "list" of LDL proteins can vary dramatically from study to study. To try to make sense of this, we have consolidated all existing data so that a more realistic estimate of the LDL proteome can be determined. We compared some 4 different proteomics studies that, 1) used modern high-resolution proteomics techniques, 2) studied HUMAN LDL samples isolated by a variety of techniques, and 3) made thier raw data publically available.

The spreadsheet is in Excel format and is freely available to the scientific community. The identified proteins have been hyperlinked to the Uniprot Protein Knowledgebase so that the details and functions of each protein can be easily accessed.

We encourage you to use the list and cite it if you like. If you feel we have left something out, please contact Sean Davidson. We will update the list as quickly and frequently as possible.

Download list here