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Current Position:┴┴Music Cataloger (Assistant Librarian)
┴┴┴`	`	┴┴ŞŞ┴┴┴College Conservatory of Music Library
┴┴┴`	`	┴┴ŞŞ┴┴┴University of Cincinnati Libraries

University of Illinois┴hh#┴MS, 1991┴-┴┴pp2┴Library and Urbana, Ill.┴Ş Ş ┴┴┴┴hh#┴┴└└(┴┴-┴┴pp2┴Information Science University of North┴┴┴hh#┴PhD┴└└(┴┴-┴┴pp2┴Musicology Carolina, Chapel Hill┴hh#┴(in progress) University of North┴┴┴hh#┴MA, 1982┴-┴┴pp2┴Musicology Carolina, Chapel Hill Oberlin College┴┴┴hh#┴BM, 1979┴-┴┴pp2┴Music History Oberlin, Ohio PREVIOUS LIBRARY EXPERIENCE
University of Illinois┴hh#┴Graduate Assistant┴╚╚7┴1989-1991 ┴┴Main Library University of North┴┴┴hh#┴Library Technical┴╚╚7┴1987-1989 Carolina, Chapel Hill┴hh#┴┴└└(┴Assistant ┴┴Davis Library University of North┴┴┴hh#┴Student Assistant┴╚╚7┴1982-1987 Carolina, Chapel Hill ┴┴Music Library OTHER EXPERIENCE Program Annotator, North Carolina Symphony┴╚╚7┴1986-1988 Teaching Assistant, Univ. of No. Carolina┴╚╚7┴1982-1984 Research Assistant, Univ. of No. Carolina┴╚╚7┴1980-1982 Teaching Assistant, Oberlin College┴pp2┴┴╚╚7┴1976-1979 SCHOLARSHIPS, AWARDS, ETC. Stipendiat, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, 1985-1986 ┴┴Two semesters in residence at the Julius-Maximiliens ┴┴Universität, Würzburg, plus research in Germany, ┴┴Austria and England University Dissertation Fellowship (Univ. of No. Carolina), 1985 ┴┴Research in Italy, France, Belgium and Swtizerland.


Music Library Association, Annual Meetings (spring):
Atlanta, Ga., 1995; Kansas City, Mo., 1994; San Francisco, Ca., 1993; Baltimore, Md., 1992; Indianapolis, Ind., 1991; Tucson, Az., 1990
Music Library Association, Midwest Chapter, meetings (fall):
Bloomington, Ill., 1994; Lexington, Ky., 1993; St. Louis, Mo., 1992; Kansas City, Mo., 1991; Milwaukee, Wis., 1990
Ohio Music Librarians, Semiannual meetings, Columbus, OH:
fall 1994; spring 1994; fall 1993, spring 1993
Advanced Internet training, Univ. of Cincinnati:
fall, 1994; fall 1992
American Musicological Society, Annual Meetings (fall):
Montréal, Canada, 1993; New Orleans, La., 1988; Baltimore, Md., 1987; Cleveland, Ohio, 1986; Louisville, Ky., 1984; Philadelphia, Pa., 1983; Ann Arbor, Mich., 1982; Boston, Mass., 1981
American Musicological Society, Southeast Chapter, meetings:
Attended all but 2 or 3 of the semiannual meetings, 1981-89; served as student representative to national meeting in 1983


University of Cincinnati
┴┴Travel Committee, 1994- 
┴┴Nominations and Elections Committee, 1994- ; chair, 1994
┴┴Database Management and Standards Committee, 1994-
┴┴UCLID Booking Module Task Force, 1993-94
┴┴University Libraries Executive Committee, 1992-94; secretary,
┴┴┴`	`	┴1992-94
┴┴Catalog and Database Management Committee, 1992-93; secretary,
┴┴┴`	`	┴1992-93
┴┴Online Network Coordinators, 1991-92
┴┴Catalogers' Committee, 1991-

Music Library Association, Midwest Chapter
┴┴Nominations and Elections Committee, 1994-
┴┴Cataloging Committee, 1992- 


Work in progress: Edition of the ballets L'Enlèvement de Proserpine and Céphale et Procris, by Carlo Toeschi; for the series (Madison, Wis. : A-R Editions)

"Vendor Processing for Authority Control: the UC Experience with Blackwell North America." Presentation at the 1992 meeting of the Music Library Association, Midwest Chapter (published in the Chapter's newsletter Midwest Notebook)

Co-compiler (with Mark Palkovic) of the column "Index to CD Reviews" in NOTES, quarterly journal of the Musicďh)0*0*0*░░ďîLibrary Association. Began in Jan. 1992 with column for Sept. 1992 issue; each column runs ca. 100 pp.

Five entries in the New Grove Dictionary of Opera (London: Macmillan, 1992): librettos: "Ricimero, rè de' Goti," "Cajo Mario,"; librettist: "Roccaforte, Gaetano;" co-compiler (with Marita McClymonds) of works list for "Jommelli, Niccolò."

Created 4/27/95. Last update 5/25/95