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Nevertheless, Hello!
A line from The road to Zanzibar (Bob Hope/Bing Crosby). The only words of English known to some African gentleman; said this whenever spoken to. I've always liked it.
What's your name, Pauly?
When I was a freshman in college, I used to hang out with odd people. Once, we were enjoying an episode of Marcus Welby, M.D. Marcus was trying to elicit some response from an autistic child. He would say, 'What's your name, Pauly?' The boy would respond, 'What's your name, Pauly?' Drove Marcus nuts. Anyway, in honor of my namesake, I learned to recreate this dramatic moment by wrapping my arm around head, waving my hand in front of my face and monotoning 'What's your name, Pauly?' Such talent.
Dolcissima mia vita
A madrigal for 5 voices (1611) by Carlo Gesualdo (1561Е1613)
A boy named Sue
Grammy awardЕwinning song by Johnny Cash from 1969.
Frankly, my dear...
Rhett Butler, Gone with the Wind. One of my mother's four sisters was Margaret Mitchell. Honest.
He's dead, Jim
It's a Bones thing. OK, OK, it's a Star Trek thing. Satisfied?
Bloody Vikings!
The Kohler Wisconsin senior
The radio announcer for North Carolina basketball, Woody Durham, has this unusual habit of referring to players almost exclusively by their place of birth and class rank. This was Joe Wolf. And, yes, that's where they make those toilets.
Playing 3rd base for the Atlanta Braves, Chipper Jones. Or, as we say in French, Sheepair Zhunz.
Well, this is another fine mess...
... you've gotten us into. Ollie to Stan.

Created 5/24/95. Updated 10/10/95.