Where I have relied heavily upon print sources to create a page, I have tried to indicate so. However, valuable information and other support has also been provided to me directly by several individuals and institutions. Their contributions are hereby gratefully acknowledged:

The University of Cincinnati

Petterson photo: Gunnar Källström (reproduced from Orfeo C 377 941 A)

Lars Erik Andrenius (Swedish Radio, Stockholm)

Markus Brylka (Internationale Allan Pettersson Gesellschaft)

Paul Rapoport (McMaster University)

Matt Hébert (computer genius, now living in Fla.)

Frank Salem (Cincinnati, OH)

Laila Barkefors (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Jean-Christophe Le Toquin (Paris, France)

Jörg Wohner (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Sven-Gustav Karlsson (Sweden)

Created 9/10/95. Updated 2/25/97.