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Linear Algebra Spring 2024

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Instructor: Professor Wlodek Bryc, Office: 4316 French Hall (513) 556 4098, E-mail:
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Textbook: David Lay, Linear Algebra and its applications, 6th edition. ISBN 9780135851159 This is available as an e-text as part of the MyLab Math access that comes as part of the course. You can access MyLab Math from our Canvas course (look in the menu on the left) and information you need about signing in is available in the first module (Getting Started) of our Canvas course
There are numerous free online resources for linear algebra. In the past, I used linear algebra textbook by Jim Hefferon. You may like a more interactive textbook, such as: Interactive Linear Algebra. Also there are numerous videos on YouTube that explain specific topics. I linked aomw vids on the eigenvectors and diagonalization under Remarks for suggested homework below. Dan Margalit, Joseph Rabinoff

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Homework/Quizzes 20%, Exams 25% each, Final 30%
$ {Course Average}=\frac15 Ave(Quiz+Hwk)+\frac12 Ave(Exams)+\frac{3}{10}Ave(Final) $

Grading scale: Grade cutoffs based on the Course Ave above are: 93% for A, 90% for A-, 80% for B-, 70% for C-, 60% for D-.
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Course description

Study of linear equations, matrices, Euclidean n-space and its subspaces, bases, dimension, coordinates, orthogonality, linear transformations, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization.

Topics and Section covered