Objectives: This course will provide a broad overview of the interrelated history of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. It will illustrate general concepts of stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochronology, paleontology, tectonics, and paleogeography, as applied in interpreting the dynamic history of the Earth and its life.  It will also illustrate general concepts with regional examples and also will give an overview of the geology of North America.

 Text:  Readings will be from Stanley, 1998.  Earth System History;

Format: Classes will provide a chronological summary of Earth history. .There will also be some lab type exercises to illustrate suites of rocks and fossils associated with particular ages and tectonic settings. In addition we will review maps (especially the AAPG Geologic Road map series) and charts to illustrate stratigraphic and structural features.

Grades will be based on two exams (mid-term and final, of equal value) and on lab exercises and participation in field trips.

There be at least two major Saturday field trips, which will take the place of  labs;  some lab times will be used for extra classes; in turn three will be 3 no class days during the quarter.

Tentative Schedule: The following represent key topics to be covered, with lab topics and readings from Stanley indicated

Date                    Lecture Topics                               Demonstrations/Readings

______________________________________________________________Week 1

March 26        Geologic Time Scale                            Time in stratigraphy

March 28        Radiometric Dating                              (6: 166-169)

March 30        Plate Tectonics I                                   (8)
______________________________________________________________Week 2

April 2             Plate Tectonics-II                                Tectonics and Rock Suites,
                                                                                    Tectonic Maps
April 4             Orogenesis                                          (8,9)

April 6             Synthesis: Tectonic cycles, sed,            (9, 10: 272-274)
                        rocks, geochemistry and climate

April 7            (Saturday Field Trip Louisville, KY- Frankfort, KY

_______________________________________________________________Week 3

April 9            1) Origin of Earth and Solar System    Geological provinces;
                        2) Origin of lithosphere, atmosphere,    (10:257-271, 11:285-301)
                             hydrosphere, and life

April 11          Archean geology                                    11

April 13           Paleoproterozoic geology; BIF's            (10: 272-285, 11 : 302-314)

_______________________________________________________________Week 4

April 16          1) Mesoproterozoic geology;                   (9:231-244; 12: 315-336)
                        Modern Style Orogeny
                        2) Origin of eukaryotes                           (12: 325-339)

 April  18         Neoproterozoic- breakup of Rodinia;
                        Ediacarian Life

April  20          Cambrian; Gt. American Carbonate Bank;
                        Cambrian "explosion"                              (13: 337-351)
________________________________________________________________ Week 5

(North-Central GSA: Normal, Illinois April 23-24)

April 23           Ordovician World                                    Cambro-Ordovician life;
                                                                                         AAPG Northeast

April 25           Ordovician Taconic Orogeny-                  (13: 352-368)
                        Queenston "Delta radiations/extinction

Aprl 27           No Class
________________________________________________________________Week 6

April 30           Silurian World; ironstones, reefs,               Silurian-Devonian life
                        evaporites (14)                                            AAPG Mid Atlantic States
                                                                                           Mid-continent Map
May 2             Devonian World:and Life

May  4             Devonian: Acadian Orogeny-Catskill delta
                        Devonian life;  Age of fishes;                      (14)
                        terrestrial ecosystem


May  5              (Saturday Field Trip AA Highway to Garrison,  KY}

________________________________________________________________Week 7

May  7             1) Carboniferous World; Mississippian      Carboniferous life
                         2) Pennsylvanian:  Alleghenian Orogeny

May  9              No Class

May 11            No Class

May 9-13         (Field Trip to upper peninsula of Michigan - led by Drs. Dejong and Dietsch)

_________________________________________________________________Week 8

May 14             Permian World and Life                                  (15)
                         Mesozoic Lab                                              AAPG Northern-Southern
                                                                                             Rocky Mt.n Road maps;
                                                                                             Mesozoic Life;  Cenozoic life

May 16            Assembly of Pangea and Introduction
                        to Mesozoic                                                       (16)

May  18          No class

_________________________________________________________________Week 9

May  21          1) Mesozoic Era: Triassic World and Life      AAPG Pacific Coast section
                        2) Jurassic: Nevadan-Sevier orogenies

May 23           Cretaceous World and Life                                (17)
                        Age of dinosaurs; K-T extinctions

May 25           Cenozoic Era:: Paleogene Laramide Orogeny    (18)
                       Age of Mammals

 May 25-27:    Possible Field Trip:

_________________________________________________________________Week 10

May 28          No class (Memorial Day)

May 30          Neogene:  Basin and Range; Colorado

June 1            Quaternary; ice ages and origin of hominids        (19-20)

June 1:          Review class: Geology of North America
                      Plateau, Coast Range-Cascades; life

FINAL EXAM: During final exam period