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Dominic L. Boccelli

Current Projects

  • "Transport and Fate of Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water Distribution Systems" (Ohio Board of Regents)
  • "Data Assimilation and Forecasting for Real-Time Drinking Water Distribution System Modeling" (NSF)
  • "Spatial Demand Estimation: Moving Towards Real-Time Distribution System Network Modeling" (USGS)
  • "Assessment of a Novel Application of Biochar to Improve Runoff Water Quality from Vegetated Roofs" (USGS) (PI: I. Buffam)

Previous Projects

  • "Water Treatment Adaptation Tool Development" (USEPA)
  • "Real-Time Modeling Development and Application" (Argonne National Lab) (PI: J. Uber)
  • "An Integrated Framework for Response Actions for a Drinking Water Distribution Security Network" (USGS)
  • "Distribution Network Modeling for Adaptation Measures and Effectiveness" (USEPA)
  • "Water Security Research to Extend EPANET, Quantify Uncertainty in Demand, and Develop a Framework for Evaluating Algorithms for Contamination Warning Systems" (USEPA) (PI: J. Uber)
  • "Case Studies of Sustainable Water Resources and Infrastructure Adaptation to Climate and Socioeconomic Changes" (USEPA)
  • "A Comprehensive Field-Scale Distribution System Network Model Assessment and Analysis: Hydraulics and Water Quality" (WaterRF)
  • "Green Infrastructure: Improving Regional Understanding of Performance and Policy" (UC) (co-PIs: V. Russell, D. Oerther)
  • "Studying Distribution System Hydraulics and Flow Dynamics to Improve Water Utility Operational Decision Making" (National Inst of Hometown Security) (PI: J. Uber)
  • "Exploring Spatial and Temporal Demand Aggregation on Transport Characteristics in Distribution System Modeling" (USGS)
  • "Real-Time Distribution System Network Modeling and Fault Diagnosis" (NSF) (co-PI: J. Uber)
  • "An Integrated Field-Scale Assessment of Chloramine Dynamics, By-Product Formation, and Nitrication Modeling" (AwwaRF) (co-PI: M. Kupferle)
  • "Competitive Learning to Develop a Biomarker Forecasting Tool for Classifying Recreational Water Quality" (USGS)
  • "Construction and Commencement: Pipe Leak Detection Experimental Station" (USEPA) (PI: P. Bishop)
  • "Sustainable Water Resources in Developing Countries" (UC)

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