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Dominic L. Boccelli

Current Research Group

  • Tian Qin (PhD): Estimation of Water Demands Using an MCMC-MRF Algorithm with Clustering Methods (tentative title)
  • Ritesh Kalbande (MS): Deterioration Modeling for Collection Systems Using a Probabilistic Neural Network (tentative title)
  • Lihe Wang (MS): TBD
  • Nabila Tasneem (MS): TBD
  • Masud Rana (PhD): TBD
  • Paulo Oliveira (PhD): TBD

Research Group Alumni

  • Jinduan Chen (PhD, 2015): Stochastic Demand-Hydraulic Model of Water Distribution Systems, Current Position: Software/Algorithm Engineer, IDModeling
  • Paul Rossman (MS, 2014): Characterizing Variability in Ohio River NOM and Validating Reconstituted Freeze-Dried NOM as a Surrogate for its Aqueous Source, Current Position: ORISE Engineering Research Fellowship, USEPA
  • Xueyao Yang (PhD, 2013; MS, 2010), Current Position: Water Resources Engineer, Dynotec, Inc
    • PhD Dissertation: Integrated Model-Based Event Detection and Contaminant Source Identification
    • MS Thesis: A Full-Scale Simulation Study of Stochastic Water Demands on Distribution System Transport
  • Masud Rana (MS, 2013): Contaminant Spread Forecasting and Sampling Location Identification in a Water Distribution Network, Current Position: PhD Student, University of Cincinnati
  • Bryant McDonnell (MS, 2012): Controlling Disinfection By-Products within a Distribution System by Implementing Bubble Aeration Within Storage Tanks, Current Position: Water Resources Engineer, ARCADIS
  • Daniel Divelbiss (MS, 2011): An Assessment of the Effects of Environmental Health Factors and Household Demographics on the Operaiton and Maintenance of the Biosand Filter and Diarrhea Health Burden in Rural Guatemala, Current Position: Chief Growing Officer/Founding Member, Waterfields
  • Srinivas Motamarri (MS, 2010): Development of a Neural Based Biomarker Forecasting Tool to Classify Recreational Water Quality, Current Position: SSA at the USEPA, National Exposure Research Laboratory
  • Matthew Alexander (MS, 2010): An Integrated Field-Scale Assessment of Chloramine Dynamics, By-Product Formation, and Nitrication Modeling, Current Position: Environmental Engineer, Technical Support Center/USEPA


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