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Dominic L. Boccelli

Course Instruction

20 ENVE 493 Hydraulic Systems: Theory, design, and laboratory experiments. Pipe flow, measuring devices, open channels, pumps, and turbunes. Pipe networks. Jets. Unsteady flow. Systems of hydraulic units. Syllabus.

20 ENVE 494 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory: Laboratory experiments designed to provide a physical demonstration of hydrostatics, pipe flow, measuring devices, and open channels. Computer-aided analysis of hydraulic systems. Syllabus.

20 ENVE 694 Probability and Estimation Methods for Engineering Systems: Overview of rules of probability, random variables, probability distribution functions, and random processes. Techniques for estimating the parameters of probability models and related statistical inference. Application to the analysis and design of engineered systems under conditions of variability and uncertainty. Syllabus.


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